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dsPIC30F2012 chip crack

  Time:2013-04-11 10:16


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he 30 MIPS dsPIC30F digital signal controller combines the performance
of DSP and the simplicity of MCU. The dsPIC30F is very suitable for a wide
operating voltage range (2.5V to 5.5V ) , the application of ultra - low standby
current and integrate EEPROM , Also it is very suitable for designers tending
to use 5V operating voltage  for system reasons .
dsPIC30F2012 has some  uniqueMicrocontroller Features which concludes 
an enhanced Flash program memory up to 10,000 erase/write cycle (min.) 
dsPIC30F2012 Microcontrolle Data EEPROM memory can achieve 100,000
erase/write cycle (min.) in industrial temperature range, 1M (typical),what
is more,the Microcontroller can  realize Self-reprogrammable under  software