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R5F Series Code Extract

Renesas R8C/27 Chip Decryption

  Time:2013-06-07 09:42


R8C/27 group member we can decrypt includes:
R5F21272SDFP,   R5F21272SNFP,   R5F21274JFP Chip Decryption
R5F21274KFP,     R5F21274SDFP,   R5F21274SNFP     IC reverse and crack
R5F21275SDFP,   R5F21275SNFP,   R5F21276JFP        code extraction
R5F21276KFP,     R5F21276SDFP,   R5F21276SNFP     break
We are able to provide R8C/27 members Chip Decryption.10 years of rich experience for IC chip and
MCU /SCM unlock crack decryption hack break, IC reverse analysis/reverse design, chip burnish and
model identification, PCB cloning and design. 
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8-bit Multifunction Timer with 8-bit prescaler (Timer RA and RB): 2 channels,Input Capture/Output
Compare Timer (Timer RC): 16-bit x 1 channel
LIN Module: 1 channel (Timer RA, UART0),10-bit A/D Converter: 12 channels
Watchdog TimerReal-Time Clock Timer with compare match function (Timer RE): 1 channel
UART/Clock Synchronous Serial Interface: 2 channels
I2C-bus Interface (IIC)/Chip-select Clock Synchronous Serial Interface: 1 channel
Clock Generation Circuits: XIN Clock Generation Circuit, On-chip Oscillator (High/Low Speed), XCIN Clock
Generation Circuit,Oscillation Stop Detection Function,Voltage Detection Circuit,
Power-On Reset Circuit,I/O Ports: 25 (incl. LED drive ports)
External Interrupt Pins: 7,Data Flash: 2 KB