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R5F Series Code Extract


  Time:2013-04-17 13:49


R5F3640KCNFB  CODE EXTRACTION,mcu revere,chip crack ,chip attack,IC REVERSE,dsp,pcb copy
R5F3640KCNFB  is based on the M16C/60 CPU Core and has 1MB of address space. 
Maximum operating frequency is 25MHz when using PLL Frequency Synthesizer. 
Flash Memory Version is available. Internal Flash Memory is programmable on 
a single power source.
R5F3640KCNFB is widely used on audio,cameras,office equipment,communication devices
industrial equipment.R5F3640KCNFB incorporates a voltage detector 
(3 voltage detection points), a power-on reset, a PLL frequency synthesizer, 
oscillation stop detection, an 8-bit PWM function, a remote control signal receiver,
 a multi-master  bus interface, a CEC function, and real-time clock in addition to
the standard peripherals. 
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