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renesas chip decryption


  Time:2013-07-05 10:01


our company has ablity to provide Renesas series chip decryption  conforming to the
customer's specific needs decryption program development.We can provide
R5F6XXX MCU decryption.
the members we can decrypt:
R5F363A R5F364   R5F3650 R5F562T 
R5F615  R5F61653 R5F6172 R5F64110 
R5F6411 R5F6175  R5F6179 R5F6185 
Key Features:
16-bit Multifunction Timer (Timers A and B, incl. three-phase motor control timer): 11
Serial Interface: Asynchronous/synchronous serial interface, 9 channels
10-bit A/D Converter: 26 channels
8-bit D/A Converter: 2
CRC Calculator
X-Y Converter
Intelligent I/O
Time Measurement (Input Capture): 16-bit x 16
Waveform Generation (Output Compare): 16-bit x 19
Key Applications:
Audio, Cameras, Television, Home Appliance, Printer, Meter, Office/Industrial Equipment, 
Communication/Portable Devices
R5F series,its internal structure is very complex and the special distribution lines making 
the FIB hard crack stage difficult, so it demandes on the technology and experience , 
therefore , is difficult and expensive.However,after repeated experiment,we have increade 
the success rate and make the price low.