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renesas chip decryption

R5F64524KFD Chip Decryption

  Time:2013-06-05 09:07


In order to meet the customer's specific development needs, Beijing Shouxi Zhixin
Technology Co. LTD has spent lots of human Resources and time on Renesas chip
decryption.We focus on promoting a class of Japanese difficult chip decryption , the
series Renesas  R5F  MCU internal structure are very complex , the line  distribution
is special, during the FIB hard crack stage it is difficult, demanding for technology
and experience .
If customer needs Renesas chip decryption , contact with our Business Center . IF
there were no ready solution  to decrypt the chip , as long as customers can bear the
corresponding costs and cycle time , we are able to offer you a professional engineer t
o develop complete break programs .
The following typical microcontroller is we can crack,Renesas chip models list for
our customers reference queries.
  R5F3XX mcu reverse   
        R5F35L80JFF     R5F35L2EJFE    R5F35L3EJFF   R5F35676KFE
   R5F3567EJFE   R5F3567EKFE    R5F35680KFF  R5F35683JFF
   R5F35683KFF   R5F35686JFF     R5F35630JFF   R5F35636JFF
   R5F35686KFF   R5F3568EJFF     R5F3568EKFF  R5F35626JFE
   R5F35623JFE    R5F3562EKFE    R5F35623KFE R5F35633JFF
   R5F35680JFF    R5F3563EKFF    R5F35636KFF  R5F35633KFF
   R5F35630KFF   R5F35673KFE     R5F35673JFE  R5F35676JFE
   R5F35626KFE   R5F3562EJFE     R5F3563EJFF  R5F35L23DFE
   R5F35L26DFE   R5F35L2EDFE    R5F35L30DFF R5F35L33DFF
   R5F35L36DFF   R5F35L3EDFF     R5F35623DFE R5F35626DFE
   R5F3562EDFE   R5F35630DFF    R5F35633DFF  R5F35636DFF