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R5F64524JFD Chip Decryption

  Time:2013-06-05 09:20


R5F64524JFD Chip Decryption,code extraction,IC crack and attack,pcb copy.
Key Applications:Automotive, Industrial equipment
16-bit Multifunction Timer (Timers A and B, incl. three-phase motor control timer): 11
Serial Interface: Asynchronous/synchronous serial interface, 5 channels
10-bit A/D Converter: 34 channels
8-bit D/A Converter: 2
CRC Calculator
X-Y Converter
Intelligent I/O
Time Measurement (Input Capture): 16-bit x 32
Waveform Generation (Output Compare): 16-bit x 32
Serial Bus Interface: Synchronous serial communication, 3 channels
CAN Module compliant with ISO11898-1:
Part number we can decrypt:
      R5F64535KFD      R5F64535LFD      R5F6453MJFD   R5F6453MKFD
   R5F6453MLFD      R5F6453NJFD     R5F6453NKFD   R5F6453NLFD
   R5F64561JFD       R5F64561KFD     R5F64561LFD     R5F64562JFD
   R5F64562KFD       R5F64562LFD     R5F64563JFD     R5F64563KFD
   R5F64563LFD       R5F6456FJFD      R5F6456FKFD   R5F6456FLFD
   R5F6456GJFD       R5F6456GKFD    R5F6456GLFD   R5F6456HJFD
   R5F6456HKFD       R5F6456HLFD    R5F64571JFD     R5F64571KFD
   R5F64571LFD        R5F64572JFD     R5F64572KFD   R5F64572LFD
   R5F64573JFD        R5F64573KFD     R5F64573LFD   R5F6457FJFD
   R5F6457FKFD       R5F6457FLFD      R5F6457GJFD  R5F6457GKFD
   R5F6457GLFD       R5F6457HJFD      R5F6457HKFD R5F6457HLFD