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R5F64515JFD Chip Decryption

  Time:2013-06-04 10:08


We are able to decrypt R5F64515JFD with high effectiveness , short cycle.
R5F64514KFD code extraction,IC unlock,crack break.
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    Skype:  techip.mcu.01
    MSN:   techip688@gmail.com
    Email:  techip688@gmail.com
Renesas Technology Corp. designs and manufactures highly integrated semiconductor
system solutions for mobile,automotive and PC/AV markets. Established on April 1,2003
as a joint venture between Hitachi, Ltd. and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and
headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Renesas Technology is one of the largest semiconductor
companies in the world and world leading microcontroller supplier globally.R5F MCU is
the RENASAS's classic Microcontroller, all of which we can crack and decrypt. we can
guarantee the high effectiveness , short cycle, giving customers maximum security and
highest revenue, welcome to Contact us .
R5F64515JFD features:
10-bit A/D Converter: 34 channels
8-bit D/A Converter: 2
CRC Calculator
X-Y Converter
Intelligent I/O
Time Measurement (Input Capture): 16-bit x 32
Waveform Generation (Output Compare): 16-bit x 32
Serial Bus Interface: Synchronous serial communication, 3 channels
CAN Module compliant with ISO11898-1:
2 channels (R32C/151, /156) / 3 channels (R32C/152, /157) / 4 channels (R32C/153), 32 mailboxes
LIN Module: 4 channels (R32C/156, /157) / 8 channels (R32C/151, /152, /153)
DMAC: 4 channels
DMAC II: Can be activated by any peripheral interrupt sources
Watchdog Timer
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