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R5F61653 Code Extraction

  Time:2013-08-07 10:45
Beijing shouxi zhixin company provides R5F61653 code extraction,chip clone,mcu decryption,
mcu reverse,mcu crack.
The company specializes in providing all kinds of MCU  decryption, dedicated to IC decryption , 
PLD chip crack , SPLD firmware reverse, PGA / CPLD crack break services and all related
technology transfer and consulting services.we have accumulated rich experience for renesas
R5F61653 code extraction service, here we provide the basic performance characteristics of
the R5F61653 microcontroller for customers and engineers reference .
R5F61653 is a single-chip microcomputer made up of the high-speed internal 32-bit
H8SX CPU as its core, and the peripheral functions required to configure a system. 
32-bit high-speed H8SX CPU
Sixteen 16-bit general registers
87 basic instructions
Upward compatible with the H8/300 CPU, H8/300H CPU, and H8S CPU
Object programs for those CPUs are executable
Extensive peripheral functions
Universal Serial Bus Interface (USB)
I2C Bus Interface2 (IIC2)
10-bit A/D converter
8-bit D/A converter
Clock pulse generator
DMA controller (DMAC)
Data transfer controller (DTC)
16-bit timer pulse unit (TPU)
Programmable pulse generator (PPG)
8-bit timer (TMR)
Beijing shouxi zhixin company provides reliable and professional,cost-effective R5F61653
Code Extraction,we wiil provide the programe to customers,so they can write the programe
to new chips freely.