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R5F2113 Chip Decryption Reverse

  Time:2013-09-11 11:25
R5F2113 Chip Decryption Reverse/mcu crack/programer to write the new chip/
This R5F2113 MCU operates using sophisticated instructions featuring a high 
level of instruction efficiency. This R5F2113 Chip MCU is built using the 
high-performance silicon gate CMOS process using a R8C/Tiny Series CPU core 
and is packaged in a 32-pin plastic molded LQFP.With 1M bytes of address space, 
it is capable of executing instructions at high speed.The R5F2113 data flash 
ROM (2 KB X 2 blocks) is embedded.
R5F2113 Applications :Electric household appliance, office equipment, housing 
equipment (sensor, security), general industrial equipment, audio, etc.
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