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PCB test

  Time:2012-06-05 13:20

Each circuit connection of the unpopulated boards which may be subjected to a bare-board test should be verified as correct on the finished boards.For high-volume production,a bed of nails tester,a fixture or a rigid needle adapter is used to make contact with copper lands or holes on one or both sides of the board to facilitate testing.A computer will instruct the electrical test unit to apply a small voltage to each contact point on the bed-of-nails as required,and verify that such voltage appears at other appropriate contact points.A short on a board would be a connection where should not be one;an open is between two points that should be connected but are not.For small-or medium-volume boards,flying probe and flying grid testers use moving test heads to make contact with the copper/silver/gold/solder lands or holes to verify the electrical connectivity of the board under test.Another method for testing is industrial CT scanning,which can generate a 3D rendering of the board along with 2D image slices and can show details such as a soldered paths and connections.