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PCB clone

PCB Layout Clone and Design

  Time:2012-05-31 11:55

What is PCB Layout?
Pcb layout refers to realizing the functions needed by the circuit designers according to
the schematic circuit diagram.Pcb layout also is also named as PCB layout design,pcb lines.
In the process of making pcb layout , the engineers need to consider external connection
layout, internal electronic device layout,metal line connection and holes layout
optimization, electronicmagenatic protection and heat consumption,etc..
The popular software for PCB layout :

  1.         Cadence Allegro
  2.   MentorGraphics PADS
  3.   MentorGraphics WG,EN
  4.   Altium Protel
  5.   Zuken CR

Our service:
With years of experience accumulated in PCB layout,we can meet the requirements of our clients and provide top quality and speedy pcb layout including the electronic and communication products with high speed,high density and bybrid features and with new craftwork and technologies such as flexible plate,HDI, blind via.
We have rich experience in communication multi-layer PCB layout.With comprehensive consideration of the timing requirements,stripline,microstrip,signal matching scheme,communication signal qulity, signal trace topology,decoupling,current return path,impedance control and layered stackup control, single EMC/EMI strategy analysis,blind via and buried via and so on, we can optimize your schematic diagram and make the board more stable.

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