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PCB Copper Thickness

  Time:2012-06-08 09:54

Copper thickness of PCBs can be specified in unites of length, but is often specified as

weight of copper per square foot, in ounces,which is easier to measure.Each ounce of copper

is approximately 1.4 miles(0.0014 inch) or 35 μm of thickness.
The printed circuit board industry defines heavy copper as layers exceeding 3 ounces of

copper,or approximately 0.0042 inches(4.2 miles,105 μm)thick.PCB designers and fabricators

often use heavy copper when design and manufacturing circuit boards in order to increase

current-carrying capacity as well as resistance to thermal strains.Heavy copper plated vias

transfer heat to external heat sinks.IPC 2152 is a standard for determining current-carring

capacity of printed circuit board traces.


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