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TMS320LF2401A Chip Crack

  Time:2012-05-11 10:44
The TMS320LF2401A can be apply to fields of Medical, printers, copiers, white goods, HVAC,power tools, power conversion. It is a flashed based digital signal controller , part of the TMS320C2000™ platform of controllers. It is ideal for space-constrained applications that require the control peripherals and ease-of -use of a traditional microcontroller and the processing power of TI leading DSPs.
Its main features are:
1. 49 mm2 die size
2. 40 MIPS of processing power
3. 40 MIPs of processing power
ADC with 500-ns conversion time on five channels
8 Kwords of sectored reprogrammable flash memory with code security
Watchingdog timer
SCI communication
PWM,QEP,CAP and timers
64-bit password protection
Pin-compatible ROM versions
The TMS320LF2401A controller integrates numerous MCU-like peripherals to provide a true single-chip-controller solution including a high-performance, 10-bit analog-to-digital converter(ADC) which has a minimum conversion time of 500 ns and up to five channels of analog input. The auto sequencing capability of the ADC allows a maximum of 16 conversions to take place in a single conversion session without any CPU overhead.
8 Kword of integrated Flash memory allows for reduced development time as well as field reprogrammability . The integration of the Flash also means a smaller board space and reduced bill of material costs. Along with the Flash memory, the LF2401A controller contains a 256-word boot ROM to facilitate in-circuit programming. A 64-bit password-based "code security" feature on the device prevents unauthorized duplication of intellectual code proprietary stored in on-chip Flash/ROM. Pin-compatible ROM versions are also available.
The on-board event manager permits center-and/or  edge-aligned pulse width modulation(pwm) generation, programmable deadband to prevent shoot-through faults, and synchronized analog-to-digital conversion. A serial communication interface (SCI) is integrated on all devices to provide asynchronous communication to other devices in the system. To maximize device flexibility, functional pins are also configurable as general-purpose inputs/outputs(GPIOs).

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