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TMS320C6670 chip reverse

  Time:2013-04-16 11:01


TMS320C6670 chip crack,mcu reverse.chip decryption.
The TMS320C6670 Multicore Fixed and Floating Point System on Chip is a member of 
the C66xx SoC family which accept TI's new KeyStone Multicore SoC Architecture .
The C66xx SoC family is designed specifically for high performance applications 
such as software defined radio, emerging broadband and other communications 
segments. C667x KeyStone multicore DSPs (up to 1.25GHz) optimized for seven parts:Embedded & Machine Vision
,Test & Measurement,Surveillance and Security,Cloud Computing,High Performance Computing
Mission Critical and Software Defined Radio (SDR).
Hardware acceleration provides a highly integrated, power efficient and easy to use platform for implementing a 
combination of multi-band, multi-standard waveforms, including proprietary 
air-interfaces. The C6670 platform is power efficient and easy to use. 
The C66x CorePac DSP is fully backward compatible with all existing C6000 family
of fixed and floating point DSPs.
1)Four TMS320C66x™ DSP Core Subsystems, Each With 1.0-GHz or 1.2-GHz C66x Fixed/Floating-Point DSP Core
38.4 GMacs/Core for Fixed Point @ 1.2 GHz
19.2 GFlops/Core for Floating Point @ 1.2 GHz
2) Memory 
32K Byte L1P Per Core
32K Byte L1D Per Core
1024K Byte Local L2 Per Core
3) Multicore Shared Memory Controller (MSMC)
2048KB MSM SRAM Memory Shared by Four DSP 
Memory Protection Unit for Both MSM SRAM and DDR3_EMIF
5)Network Coprocessor
Packet Accelerator Enables Support for 
Transport Plane IPsec, GTP-U, SCTP, PDCP
L2 User Plane PDCP (RoHC, Air Ciphering)
1 Gbps Wire-Speed Throughput at 1.5 M Packets Per Second
Security Accelerator Engine Enables Support for 
IPSec, SRTP, 3GPP and WiMAX Air Interface, and SSL/TLS Security
ECB, CBC, CTR, F8, A5/3, CCM, GCM, HMAC, CMAC, GMAC, AES, DES, 3DES, Kasumi, SNOW 3G, SHA-1, SHA-2 (256-bit Hash), MD5
Up to 2.8 Gbps Encryption Speed