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TMS320C6655 TI chip crack

  Time:2013-04-16 10:06


TMS320C6655 TI chip crack
TMS320C6655 ,the single-core ,  the operating frequency is 1GHz, speed is faster than TMS320C6654 , 
performance can be 40GMACs/20GFLOPs , supports up to 128 channels G.729AB voice codec .
With TI TMS320C6654, TMS320C6655 and TMS320C6657 multicore DSPs , developers can more efficiently 
meet the market demand for a variety of high-performance portable applications , such as mission-critical , 
industrial automation, test equipment, embedded vision , imaging , video monitoring, medical , audio and 
video infrastructure .
TI's innovative TMS320C665x DSP seamlessly integrated fixed-point and floating-point capabilities , 
real-time , high - performance low-power can be achieved through smaller form factor .The DSP is
particularly suitable to speech coding , tone processing , signal message senting , difference  voice and fax ,
the traditional switch connect the equipment can be replaced by the IP devices by 
applicating TMS320C665x.