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TMS320C6654 TI chip crack

  Time:2013-04-16 09:51


The TMS320C6654 Fixed and Floating Point Digital Signal Processor is based on TI's KeyStone multicore
architecture. TI C665x DSP provides a balanced choice , it is possible extended to the speech processing,
signal transmission , and system control .TI DSP can provide a highly efficient method to expand the current
solution to SIP messages sent unforeseen substantia l growth . TI C665x multicore processors support high
scalability and channel density , it is the ideal solution for the enterprise environment . TMS320C6654 DSP
supports up to 64 channels G.729AB, 1GHz TMS320C6655 DSP support up to 128 channels G.729AB . The
TMS320C6657 DSP set aside a lot of space for applications that require higher density .
The C6654 is integrated with one C66x DSP CorePac running at 850 MHz. This low-cost power-optimized
device supports high-performance signal processing applications such as mission critical, medical imaging,
test, and automation. The C6654 platform is power-efficient and easy-to-use. The C66x CorePac DSP 
is fully backward compatible with all existing devices in the C6000 family of fixed and floating 
point DSPs.
We can crack TI C665x DSP,includes TMS320C6654 ,TMS320C6655,TMS320C6657.