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Cypress dsp chip crack

  Time:2013-04-08 11:40


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CY7C63723  Features

1 enCoRe™ USB - enhanced Component Reduction

        —Internal oscillator eliminates the need for an external crystal or resonator

        —Interface can auto-configure to operate as PS/2 or USB without the need for

            external components to switch between modes (no GPIO pins needed to    

            manage dual mode capability)

       —Internal 3.3V regulator for USB pull-up resistor

       —Configurable GPIO for real-world interface without external components

2  Flexible, cost-effective solution for applications that combine PS/2 and low-speed

    USB, such as mice, gamepads,joysticks, and many others.

3  USB Specification Compliance

       —Conforms to USB Specification, Version 2.0

       —Conforms to USB HID Specification, Version 1.1

       —Supports 1 Low-Speed USB device address and 3 data endpoints

       —Integrated USB transceiver

       —3.3V regulated output for USB pull-up resistor

4  8-bit RISC microcontroller

       —Harvard architecture

      —6-MHz external ceramic resonator or internal clock mode

      —12-MHz internal CPU clock

      —Internal memory

      —256 bytes of RAM

      —8 Kbytes of EPROM

     —Interface can auto-configure to operate as PS/2 or USB

     —No external components for switching between PS/2 and USB modes

     —No GPIO pins needed to manage dual mode capability

5 I/O ports

      —Up to 16 versatile General Purpose I/O (GPIO) pins, individually configurable

      —High current drive on any GPIO pin: 50 mA/pin current sink 

      —Each GPIO pin supports high-impedance inputs, internal pull-ups, open drain outputs or traditional CMOS outputs

      —Maskable interrupts on all I/O pins

6 SPI serial communication block

      —Master or slave operation

       —2 Mbit/s transfers

7 Four 8-bit Input Capture registers

       —Two registers each for two input pins

       —Capture timer setting with 5 prescaler settings

       —Separate registers for rising and falling edge capture

       —Simplifies interface to RF inputs for wireless applications

8  Internal low-power wake-up timer during suspend mode

      —Periodic wake-up with no external components

9  Optional 6-MHz internal oscillator mode

     —Allows fast start-up from suspend mode

10 Watchdog Reset (WDR)

11 Low-voltage Reset at 3.75V

12 Internal brown-out reset for suspend mode

13 Improved output drivers to reduce EMI

14 Operating voltage from 4.0V to 5.5VDC

15 Operating temperature from 0 to 70 degrees Celsius

16 CY7C63723 available in 18-pin SOIC, 18-pin PDIP

17 CY7C63743 available in 24-pin SOIC, 24-pin PDIP

18 CY7C63722 available in DIE form

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