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knowledge for the differences between OTP and a flash mcu

  Time:2013-09-30 10:49
what't the diffenrence between OTP and a flash mcu?what's the advantage for
OTP and a flash mcu?the text will share the knowledge of differences between 
OTP and a flash mcu.
OTP means One Time Programmable. It means when the application is loaded into the 
device, it can't be changed anymore. Flash is erasable, thus the programmed 
application can be removed and updated. 
Advantage Flash mcu : 
Reprogramming during development avoids constantly replacing the device, thus lower 
development costs
Possibility that the device supports software updates
Advantage of OTP mcu: 
lower prices then their flash counterparts
not possible to re-program, thus a device can't be 'hacked' by malicious software 
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