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  4. 4TMS320F28235/TMS320F28234/TMS32
  5. 5TMS320F28332 MCU CRACK
  6. 6TMS320F28335 MCU REVERSE


  Time:2013-07-10 09:18


Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology Co. LTD,is a professional company working on IC 
reverse analysis such as microcontroller decryption, chip crack, MCU attack, DSP 
reverse. we can  provide time and cost effective TMS320R2812 DSP reverse engineering, 
specializing in failure analysis, secured code recovery.
TMS320R2812 Introduction
The TMS320R2812 devices, members of the TMS320C28x™ DSP generation, are highly 
integrated, high-performance solutions for demanding control applications. The 
functional blocks and the memory maps are described in Section 3, Functional 
TMS320R2812 Features:
Up to 40 MIPS operation
Three power-down modes
Code compatible, control-optimized
JTAG scan-based emulation
3.3-V and 5-V designs
TMS320R2812 DSP MCU reverse information
Customers can send us the chip by UPS or DHL,or take the chip to our office,we 
can finish the one hour time,contact techip688@gmail.com for more information.