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TMS320F28234 Firmware Reverse Engineer

  Time:2013-07-10 10:31


Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology Co. LTD,is a reliable and responsible
company providing TMS320F28234 firmware reverse engineer service.
Skype:  techip.mcu.01, Email:  techip688@gmail.com
Many customers think it is imposible to break and decrypt the TI dsp.
Because the devices support high levels of security to protect the user
firmware from being reverse engineered.One code security module
(CSM) is used to protect the flash/OTP and the L0/L1/L2/L3 SARAMblocks.
The security feature prevents unauthorized users from examining the
memory contents via theJTAG port, executing code from external 
memory or trying to boot-load some undesirable software thatwould
export the secure memory contents. 
However,we have the he most advanced laboratory equipments
introduced from abroad and experienced technical personnel for
TMS320F28234 firmware reverse engineer service,we can get
the the source code and the hex code.
do you still think it is not possible to TMS320F28234 firmware reverse?
www.mcureverse.com is a place to find the answer.