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  Time:2013-06-27 09:55


TMS320F2811 dsp mcu decryption,reverse,crack.
TMS320F2811  Reverse engineering is a tedious work and you need a team with Circuitry 
knowledge and years of experience.  we have a team  of engineers dedicated for DSP 
MCU decryption and ic reverse JOB.Our qualified engineer’s team have several years 
of experience and knowledge of different types of chips technologies. we promise a 
high success rate.
TMS320F2811 FEATURES for reference:
Boot ROM (4K x 16)
With Software Boot Modes
Standard Math Tables
External Interface (2812)
Over 1M x 16 Total Memory
Programmable Wait States
Programmable Read/Write Strobe Timing
Three Individual Chip Selects
Peripheral Interrupt Expansion (PIE) Block That Supports 45 Peripheral Interrupts
Three 32-Bit CPU-Timers
128-Bit Security Key/Lock
Protects Flash/ROM/OTP and L0/L1 SARAM
Prevents Firmware Reverse-Engineering
We are a professional company providing IC reverse and mcu decryption service.In our 
laboratory we use newest methods and devices. We work close with client and precisely 
keep deadlines and quality requirements.Welcome customers to contact us for more 
information about TMS320F2811 DSP MCU decrypt.