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  6. 6TMS320F28335 MCU REVERSE


  Time:2013-07-09 09:15


Our company has invested  more time and resource for TMS320LF2407 chip decryption 
program development effort , and has made ​​significant technological breakthroughs 
in the TI C2000 difficult chip decryption field.TMS320F28069 is 32-bit, fixed-point 
or floating-point C28x™ core 40-90 MHZ operation and Single 3.3V supply,Easy-to-use 
software and development tools speed time-to-market.
TMS320F28069 provides the power of the C28x™ core and Control Law Accelerator (CLA) 
coupled with highly integrated control peripherals in low pin-count devices. This 
family is code-compatible with previous C28x-based code, as well as providing a 
high level of analog integration.We can provide TMS320F28069 DSP chip decryption 
service for high success rate and high efficiency.
Our engineering teams have a vast amount of electronic experience covering IC reverse 
analysis and chip decryption,we have huge advantage in TMS320F28069 DSP chip
decryption.Welcome customers to contact us:techip688@gmail.com