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NXP arm crack

NXP LPC2900 Family MCU Extract

  Time:2013-07-15 09:38


Beijing Shouxi Zhixin Technology Co. LTD,is a company mainly provide mcu 
decryption and mcu extract.The company has expers with years of experience 
and the latest, most modern laboratory equipment to provide NXP LPC2900 
family mcu extract service. At 125 MHz, the members of the LPC2900 series 
are the fastest ARM968 MCUs available. 
The LPC2900 combines Full Speed USB 2.0 OTG and device, CAN and LIN,
up to 56 kB SRAM, up to 768 kB flash memory, external memory interface,
two or three 10-bit ADCs, and multiple serial and parallel interfaces in a
single chip targeted at consumer, industrial, medical, and communication.
we have the ablity to provide NXP LPC2900 mcu extract,mcu decryption,ic
NXP LPC2900 Family Members we can extract:
LPC2925FBD100    LPC2926FBD144    LPC2929FBD144
LPC2930FBD208    LPC2939FBD208
We can extract NXP LPC2900 Family Members,recover microcode and get
the code and programe of the chips.