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NXP arm crack


  Time:2013-08-14 10:48
NXP Semiconductors  products mainly include : LPC series , P89 series , P87 series. After 
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LPC2925 Overview
an ARM968E-S CPU core with two integrated TCM blocks operating at frequencies of up to 125 
MHz,  CAN and LIN, up to 40 kB SRAM, up to 512 kB flash memory,Full-speed USB 2.0 device 
Multilayer AHB system bus at 125 MHz with four separate layers.
On the LPC2925, two separate internal StatIC RAM (SRAM) instances, 16 kB each.
16 kB true EEPROM, byte-erasable/programmable.
Two-channel CAN controller supporting FullCAN and extensive message filtering.
Two LIN master controllers with full hardware support for LIN communICation. 
The LIN interface can be configured as UART to provide two additional UART interfaces.
Up to 60 general-purpose I/O pins with programmable pull-up, pull-down, or bus keeper.
Processor wake-up from power-down via external interrupt pins and CAN or LIN activity.
Second, dedICated CGU with its own PLL generates the USB clock and a configurable clock 
ETM/ETB debug functions with 8 kB of dedICated SRAM also accessible for applICation code and 
data storage.
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