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  Time:2013-08-14 10:23
LPC2919 mcu reverse,code extraction,mcu break,remove the lock,pcb clone.
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LPC2919 oveeview
LPC2919 combine an ARM968E-S CPU core with two integrated TCM blocks operating at 
frequencies of up to 125 MHz, has a very flexible Clock Generation Unit (CGU) that 
provides dynamic clock gating and scaling.LPC2919 targeted at consumer, industrial, 
medical, and communication markets. 
LPC2919 features
ARM968E-S processor running at frequencies of up to 125 MHz maximum.
On-chip crystal oscillator with a recommended operating range from 10 MHz to 25 MHz. PLL 
input range 10 MHz to 25 MHz.
On-chip very low-power ring oscillator; fixed frequency of 0.4 MHz; always on to provide a 
Safe_Clock source for system monitoring.
Two separate internal Static RAM (SRAM) instances; 32 kB SRAM and 16 kB SRAM.
8 kB ETB SRAM also available for code execution and data.
Up to 768 kB high-speed flash-program memory.
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