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LPC2364HBD100 ARM MCU Decryption

  Time:2013-07-11 14:02


Our company have the best facilities and engineers,  ten years in the microcontroller 
code recovery industry (read out program from locked chips),now,we can provide 
LPC2364HBD100 ARM MCU decryption,code extraction,ic reverse,programe extract
service.Customers can contact us through Email:  techip688@gmail.com,
or Mobile : 0086-15313166205
The LPC2364HBD100 is a ARM7 microcontroller for embedded applications featuring a high 
level of integration and low power consumption at frequencies of 72 MHz.by years of hard 
researching, we have studied and stored the security mechanism data of a wide range of
chip types, we have mastered the key technology for LPC2364HBD100 ARM MCU
decryption,we can retrieve the program inside the chip with perfection and speed.
LPC2364HBD100 Features:
ARM7TDMI-S processor, running at up to 72 MHz
Up to 128 kB on-chip flash program memory with In-System Programming (ISP)
Dual Advanced High-performance Bus (AHB) system
Advanced Vectored Interrupt Controller (VIC)
70 general purpose I/O pins with configurable pull-up/down resistors
10-bit ADC with input multiplexing among 6 pins
Besides LPC2364HBD100 ARM mcu decryption,other members of LPC2300 family we 
also can decrypt and crack,such as:LPC2361FBD100,LPC2362FBD100,LPC2364FBD100