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LPC2364FBD100 ARM MCU Decryption

  Time:2013-07-11 14:03


LPC2364FBD100 ARM MCU Decryption,ic reverse analysis,code extraction,pcb clone.
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The LPC2364FBD100 is a ARM7 microcontroller for embedded applications featuring a high 
level of integration and low power consumption at frequencies of 72 MHz.
LPC2364FBD100 Features:
up to 128 kB of flash memory, 
up to 34 kB of RAM, Ethernet MAC, 
USB Device/Host/OTG, DMA controller, 
4 UARTs, 2 CAN channels, 3 SSP/SPI, 3 I2C, 
I2S, 8-channel 10-bit ADC, 10-bit DAC, 2 PWM, 
4 general purpose timers, 
low power Real-Time Clock with separate battery supply, 
up to 70 general purpose I/O pins.
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