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Microchip Pic MCU Reverse

PIC PIC24F08KA101 MCU Decryption

  Time:2013-09-23 11:01
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PIC24 16-bit Microcontroller featuring nanoWatt XLP for eXtreme Low Power 
consumption.Features unique peripherals like DSBOR, DSWDT and RTCC which run 
in Deep Sleep mode for industry leading low power performance. Designed for 
power constrained and battery powered applications. 
Special Microcontroller Features:
• Operating Voltage Range of 1.8V to 3.6V
• 10,000 Erase/Write Cycle Endurance Flash Program Memory, Typical
• Self-Programmable under Software Control
• Programmable Reference Clock Output
• 100,000 Erase/Write Cycle Endurance Data EEPROM, Typical
• Flash and Data EEPROM Data Retention: 40 Years Minimum
Power Management Modes:
• Idle – CPU Off, SRAM and Peripherals on
• Run – CPU, Flash, SRAM and Peripherals on
• Doze – CPU Clock Runs Slower than Peripherals