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PIC24FJ32MC101 ic clone and copy

  Time:2013-09-24 13:43
PIC24FJ32MC101 ic clone and MCU copy,mcu decrypt,PIC clone and copy,mirochip
mcu unlock,pcb reverse work.
PIC24FJ32MC101 MCU CPU Features:
24-bit-wide instructions
16 x 16 integer multiply operations
Up to 16 MIPS operation (3.0 - 3.6V)
Modified Harvard architecture
10-bit, 1.1 Msps Analog-to-Digital Converter (ADC):- Two and four simultaneous 
samples- Up to six input channels with auto-scanning
Data SRAM (2 Kbytes)
Security for program FlashMotor Control PWM:
6-channel 16-bit Motor Control PWM:- Three duty cycle generators- Independent or 
Complementary mode- Programmable dead time and output polarity- Edge-aligned or 
center-alignedAnalog Peripherals:
Switch between clock sources in real time
16-bit-wide data path
32/16 and 16/16 integer divide operationOn-Chip Flash and SRAM:
Flash program memory (32 Kbytes)
Idle, Sleep, and Doze modes with fast wake-upPackaging:
20-pin PDIP/SOIC
Timer/Counters, up to five 16-bit timers:- Can pair up to make two 32-bit timers
Input Capture (up to three channels)- Capture on up, down, or both edges- 16-bit 
capture input functions
Output Compare (up to two channels)- Single or Dual 16-bit Compare mode
Hardware Real-Time Clock and Calendar (RTCC)Communication Modules:
Power-on Reset (POR)
Power-up Timer (PWRT)
Three Analog Comparators with programmable input/output configuration- Up to four 
inputs per Comparator
Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU):- Supports capacitive touch sensing for 
touchscreens and capacitive switches (mTouch™)Timers/Capture/Compare/PWM:
Brown-out Reset (BOR)Power Management:
Single supply on-chip voltage regulator
4-wire SPI I2C™ UARTSystem Management:
Flexible clock options
High-accuracy internal FRC