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PIC24FJ256DA210 chip decryption

  Time:2013-09-29 10:27
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PIC24FJ256DA210 chip overview:
PIC24FJ256DA210 chip is Ideal for Graphical interface applications that can benefit 
from the integrated Graphics, 96K byte RAM for frame buffer, mTouch, USB and other 
peripherals. The PIC24FJ256DA210 family allows the CPU to fetch data directly from 
an external memory device using the EPMP module.The PIC24FJ256DA210 family  
add a  new Graphics Controller (GFX) module to interface with a graphical LCD
display and also adds large data RAM, up to 96 Kbytes. PIC24FJ256DA210 chip
decryption,mcu decryption,IC decryption services.
PIC24FJ256DA210 chip Features:
PIC24FJ256DA210 Graphics Controller Features:
• Supports Various Display Interfaces:
- 4/8/16-bit Monochrome STN
- 4/8/16-bit Color STN
- 9/12/18/24-bit Color TFT (18 and 24-bit displays 
are connected as 16-bit, 5-6-5 RGB color format) 
• Color Look-up Table (CLUT) with Maximum of 256 Entries
• 1/2/4/8/16 bits-per-pixel (bpp) Color Depth Set at Run Time
PIC24FJ256DA210 chip decryption
• Three Graphics Hardware Accelerators to Facilitate 
Rendering of Block Copying, Text and Unpacking of Compressed Data
• Display Resolution Programmable According to Frame Buffer:
- Supports direct access to external memory on devices with EPMP
- Resolution supported is up to 480x272 @ 60 Hz, 
16 bpp; 640x480 @ 30 Hz, 16 bpp or 640x480 @ 60 Hz, 8 bpp
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