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Microchip Pic MCU Reverse

PIC24FJ16MC102 MCU Reverse and Crack

  Time:2013-09-24 12:57
PIC24FJ16MC102 MCU Reverse and Crack,
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PIC24FJ16MC102 MCU verview
PIC24FJ16MC102 is the 16-bit modified Harvard architecture, first introduced with 
Microchip’s dsPIC®Digital Signal Controllers (DSCs).The CPU has a 24-bit
instruction word with a variable length opcode field.The Program Counter (PC) is 
23 bits wide and addresses up to 4M by 24 bits of user program memory space.
PIC24FJ16MC102 MCU special features
The PIC24FJ16MC102 supports 16/16 and 32/16 integer divide operations. All 
PIC24FJ16MC102 divide instructions are iterative operations. They must be executed 
within a REPEAT loop, resulting in a total execution time of 19 instruction cycles. 
The PIC24FJ16MC102 operation can be interrupted during any of those 19 cycles
without loss of data.we can reverse the PIC24FJ16MC102 MCU.
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