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Microchip Pic MCU Reverse

PIC24FJ16MC101 MCU Reverse

  Time:2013-09-24 11:47
PIC24FJ16MC101 MCU Reverse,break the protection of  PIC24FJ16MC101 MCU,hex file,mcu 
PIC24FJ16MC101 MCU introduction
16-bit Microcontrollers (up to 32 KB Flash and 2 KB SRAM).An ultra low cost, high 
performance 16-bit motor control family of microcontrollers featuring CTMU, MCPWMs, 
PPS and other advanced peripherals with low pin count and small footprint options.
PIC24FJ16MC101 MCU Features:
Core: 16-bit PIC24F CPU
• Code-efficient (C and Assembly) architecture
• 32-bit multiply support
• Two 40-bit wide accumulators
• Single-cycle mixed-sign MUL plus hardware divide
• Single-cycle (MAC/MPY) with dual data fetch
Communication Interfaces
• I2C™ module (400 kHz)
• UART module (4 Mbps)- With support for LIN 2.0 protocols and IrDA®
• 4-wire SPI module (8 MHz maximum speed)- Remappable pins in 32 KB Flash devices
• 31.25 ns PWM resolution
• PWM support for:- Inverters, PFC, UPS- BLDC, PMSM, ACIM, SRM
• Up to three PWM pairs
• Two dead time generators 
• Class B-compliant Fault inputs
• Possibility of ADC synchronization with PWM signal
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