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PIC24FJ128DA210 MCU Code Extraction

  Time:2013-09-29 10:48
PIC24FJ128DA210 MCU Code Extraction,through reverse engineering,the engineer
can crack chip technology for copy chip or chips imitation. Professional MCU Code 
Extraction providers can reverse engineer the PIC24FJ128DA210 chip , increasing 
chip functionality or deletion of unnecessary procedures, improvement of the low-
power chip , high performance.Please contact:techip688@gmail.com
PIC24FJ128DA210 MCU introduction
PIC24FJ128DA210 MCU is 16-Bit Flash Microcontrollers with Graphics Controller and
USB On-The-Go (OTG).. The PIC24FJ256DA210 family allows the CPU to fetch data 
directly from an external memory device using the EPMP module.We can provide 
PIC24FJ128DA210 MCU Code Extraction, copy chip or chips imitation.
PIC24FJ128DA210 MCU Features:
High-Performance CPU
• Two Address Generation Units for Separate Read and Write Addressing of Data Memory
- Remaining (from 16 Mbytes) memory (external) can be accessed using extended data 
Memory (EDS) and EPMP (EDS is divided into 32-Kbyte pages)
• Modified Harvard Architecture
• Up to 16 MIPS Operation at 32 MHz
• 8 MHz Internal Oscillator
PIC24FJ128DA210 MCU Code Extraction, copy chip or chips imitation.
• 16 x 16-Bit Working Register Array
• C Compiler Optimized Instruction Set Architecture with Flexible Addressing modes
• Linear Program Memory Addressing, up to 12 Mbytes
• 17-Bit x 17-Bit Single-Cycle Hardware Multiplier
• 32-Bit by 16-Bit Hardware Divider
PIC24FJ128DA210 MCU reverse engineering
• Data Memory Addressing, up to 16 Mbytes:
- 2K SFR space
- 30K linear data memory
- 66K extended data memory
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PIC24FJ128DA210 MCU Code Extraction,chip clone,ic reverse,decrypt the data memory.