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Microchip Pic MCU Reverse

PIC24F08KL200 MCU Decryption service

  Time:2013-09-23 11:19
PIC24F08KL200 MCU Decryption service,IC hack/ code reading/ extract program/
MCU reverse engineering,mcu crack,pic clone,pcb copying.
PIC24F16KL402  PIC24F08KL402  PIC24F16KL401  PIC24F08KL401 
PIC24F08KL302  PIC24F08KL301  PIC24F08KL201  PIC24F08KL200 
PIC24F04KL101  PIC24F04KL100
PIC24F08KL200 MCU Analog Features:
• Dual Rail-to-Rail Analog Comparators with Programmable Input/Output Configuration
• 10-Bit, up to 12-Channel Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converter:
- 500 ksps conversion rate
- Conversion available during Sleep and Idle
• On-Chip Voltage Reference
Special Microcontroller Features:
• 100,000 Erase/Write Cycle Endurance Data EEPROM, Typical
• Operating Voltage Range of 1.8V to 3.6V
• 10,000 Erase/Write Cycle Endurance Flash Program Memory, Typical
Peripheral Features:
• High-Current Sink/Source (18 mA/18 mA) on All I/O Pins
• Up to One Enhanced CCP module:
- Backward compatible with CCP
- 1, 2 or 4 PWM outputs