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Microchip Pic MCU Reverse

PIC24F04KL100 MCU Code Extraction and Crack work

  Time:2013-09-23 10:40
PIC24F04KL100 MCU is microchip 16-bit Microcontroller featuring nanoWatt XLP for 
eXtreme Low Power consumption. Ideal for cost sensitive applications requiring 16 
MIPS performance.Beijing techip if the first company in China can sucessfully provide 
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PIC24F04KL100 MCU adds an entire range of economical, low pin count and low-power 
devices to Microchip’s portfolio of 16-bit microcontrollers.we can offer code 
extraction service for PIC24F04KL100, PIC24F04KL101 MCU crack,PIC24F08KL200 chip 
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PIC24F04KL100 MCU Features:
Modified Harvard Architecture
• Up to 16 MIPS Operation @ 32 MHz 
• Linear Program Memory Addressing
• Linear Data Memory Addressing
• Two Address Generation Units (AGU) for Separate 
• 8 MHz Internal Oscillator: 
- 4x PLL option
- Multiple divide options
• 16 x 16-Bit Working Register Array
• C Compiler Optimized Instruction Set 
Architecture (ISA):
- 76 base instructions
- Flexible addressing modes
• 17-Bit x 17-Bit Single-Cycle Hardware Fractional/integer Multiplier
• 32-Bit by 16-Bit Hardware Divider
Read and Write Addressing of Data Memory