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Microchip Pic MCU Reverse

PIC12F615 MCU Code Extraction

  Time:2012-09-18 14:48

PIC12F615 MCU Code Extraction, Microcontroller

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    Flash Program Memory
    Internal 4/8MHz oscillator
    Comparator with hysterisis (user configurable)
    Mid-Range core with 35 Instruction, 8 Stack Levels
    25mA Source/Sink current I/O
    Two 8-bit Timer (TMR0/TMR2)
    One 16-bit Timer (TMR1)
    Watchdog Timer (WDT)
    Enhanced Power-On/Off-Reset
    Brown-Out Reset (BOR)
    In Circuit Serial Programming (ICSP)
    Enhanced Capture Compare PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
    Wide Operating Voltage (2.0V – 5.5V)
    High Voltage PIC12HV615 variant (2.0V – User Defined) with internal shunt regulator