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Microchip Pic MCU Reverse

Decrypt PIC24F08KL302 mcu code and programe

  Time:2013-09-23 11:52
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The PIC24F08KL302 mcu offers five different oscillator options, allowing users a 
range of choices in developing application hardware. These include:
1) Two Crystal modes using crystals or ceramic resonators.
2) A Phase Locked Loop (PLL) frequency multiplier, available to the External 
Oscillator modes and the 8 MHz FRC Oscillator, which allows clock speeds 
of up to 32 MHz.
3)Two Fast Internal Oscillators (FRCs): 
One with a nominal 8 MHz output and the other with a nominal 500 kHz output. 
4)Two External Clock modes offering the option of a divide-by-2 clock output.
5)A separate Internal RC Oscillator (LPRC) with a fixed 31 kHz output, which 
provides a low-power option for timing-insensitive applications.
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