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MSP430 Code Extract

MSP430G2x31 and MSP430G2x21 Oscillator and System Clock

  Time:2012-08-09 15:09

The clock system is supported by the basic clock module that includes support for a 32768-Hz watch
crystal oscillator, an internal very-low-power low-frequency oscillator and an internal digitally controlled
oscillator (DCO).
The basic clock module is designed to meet the requirements of both low system cost and low power
consumption. The internal DCO provides a fast turn-on clock source and stabilizes in less than 1μs.
The basic
clock module provides the following clock signals:
• Auxiliary clock (ACLK), sourced either from a 32768-Hz watch crystal or the internal LF oscillator.
• Main clock (MCLK), the system clock used by the CPU.
• Sub-Main clock (SMCLK), the sub-system clock used by the peripheral modules.