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MSP430 Code Extract

MSP430G2x31 and MSP430G2x21 CPU

  Time:2012-08-09 15:20

The MSP430 CPU has a 16-bit RISC architecture
that is highly transparent to the application. All
operations, other than program-flow instructions, are
performed as register operations in conjunction with
seven addressing modes for source operand and four
addressing modes for destination operand.
The CPU is integrated with 16 registers that provide
reduced instruction execution time. The
register-to-register operation execution time is one
cycle of the CPU clock.
Four of the registers, R0 to R3, are dedicated as
program counter, stack pointer, status register, and
constant generator, respectively. The remaining
registers are general-purpose registers.
Peripherals are connected to the CPU using data,
address, and control buses, and can be handled with
all instructions.
The instruction set consists of the original 51
instructions with three formats and seven address
modes and additional instructions for the expanded
address range. Each instruction can operate on word
and byte data.