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MSP430 Code Extract

MSP430F67691 MCU decryption

  Time:2013-08-20 10:03
ur company provides a full range of MSP430 MCU decryption service, 100% success,for 
MSP430F67691 MCU decryption,we can decrypt the MSP430F67691 MCU hex file code,
extract the flash memory contents.
MSP430 is manufactured by Texas Instruments TI's single-chip analog-digital hybrid ,
since the MSP430F67691 decryption crack reverse unlcok break is difficult, we have 
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MSP430F67691 features:
High-Performance 25-MHz CPU With 32-Bit  Multiplier
 Wide Input Supply Voltage Range: 3.6 V Down to 1.8 V
 Ultra-Low Power Consumption During Energy  Measurement
 2.9 mW at 10-MHz Operation (3 V)
Up to 512-KB Single-Cycle Flash
Up to 32-KB RAM With Single-Cycle Access Transformers
• Up to Seven Independent 24-Bit Sigma-Delta
• Temperature Compensated Energy ADCs With Differential Inputs and Variable
Multiple Low-Power Modes
Standby Mode (LPM3): 2.1 µA at 3 V,Wakeup in Less Than 5 µs
– RTC Mode (LPM3.5): 0.34 µA at 3 V Cumulative
– Shutdown Mode (LPM4.5): 0.18 µA at 3 V
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