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MSP430 Code Extract

MSP430F551x MSP430F552x Features

  Time:2012-08-10 17:53

Ultralow Power Consumption Capture/Compare Registers
– Active Mode (AM): • 16-Bit Timer TA1, Timer_A With Three
All System Clocks Active Capture/Compare Registers
290 μA/MHz at 8 MHz, 3.0 V, Flash Program • 16-Bit Timer TA2, Timer_A With Three
Execution (Typical) Capture/Compare Registers
150 μA/MHz at 8 MHz, 3.0 V, RAM Program • 16-Bit Timer TB0, Timer_B With Seven
Execution (Typical) Capture/Compare Shadow Registers
– Standby Mode (LPM3): • Two Universal Serial Communication
Real-Time Clock With Crystal, Watchdog, Interfaces
and Supply Supervisor Operational, Full – USCI_A0 and USCI_A1 Each Support:
RAM Retention, Fast Wake-Up:
1.9 μA at 2.2 V, 2.1 μA at 3.0 V (Typical) – Enhanced UART Supports
Low-Power Oscillator (VLO), Auto-Baudrate Detection
General-Purpose Counter, Watchdog, and – IrDA Encoder and Decoder
Supply Supervisor Operational, Full RAM – Synchronous SPI
Retention, Fast Wake-Up: – USCI_B0 and USCI_B1 Each Support:
1.4 μA at 3.0 V (Typical) – I2CTM
– Off Mode (LPM4): – Synchronous SPI
Full RAM Retention, Supply Supervisor
Operational, Fast Wake-Up: • Full-Speed Universal Serial Bus (USB)
1.1 μA at 3.0 V (Typical) – Integrated USB-PHY
– Shutdown Mode (LPM4.5): – Integrated 3.3-V/1.8-V USB Power System
0.18 μA at 3.0 V (Typical) – Integrated USB-PLL
• Wake-Up From Standby Mode in 3.5 μs – Eight Input, Eight Output Endpoints
(Typical) • 12-Bit Analog-to-Digital (A/D) Converter
• 16-Bit RISC Architecture, Extended Memory, (MSP430F552x Only) With Internal Reference,
up to 25-MHz System Clock Sample-and-Hold, and Autoscan Feature
• Flexible Power Management System • Comparator
– Fully Integrated LDO With Programmable • Hardware Multiplier Supporting 32-Bit
Regulated Core Supply Voltage Operations
– Supply Voltage Supervision, Monitoring, • Serial Onboard Programming, No External
and Brownout Programming Voltage Needed
• Unified Clock System • Three Channel Internal DMA
– FLL Control Loop for Frequency • Basic Timer With Real-Time Clock Feature
Stabilization • Family Members are Summarized in Table 1
– Low Power/Low Frequency Internal Clock • For Complete Module Descriptions, See the
Source (VLO) MSP430x5xx Family User's Guide (SLAU208)
– Low Frequency Trimmed Internal Reference
Source (REFO)
– 32-kHz Watch Crystals (XT1)
– High-Frequency Crystals up to 32 MHz