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MSP430 Code Extract

MSP430F42x0 Basic Timer1

  Time:2012-08-08 16:20

The Basic Timer1 has two independent 8-bit timers which can be cascaded to form a 16-bit  timer/counter. Both
timers can be read and written by software. The Basic Timer1 can be used to generate periodic interrupts.
LCD driver with regulated charge pump The LCD_A driver generates the segment and common signals required to drive an LCD display. The LCD_A
controller has dedicated data memory to hold segment drive information. Common and segment signals are
generated as defined by the mode. Static, 2−MUX, 3−MUX, and 4−MUX LCDs are supported by this peripheral.
The module can provide a LCD voltage independent of the supply voltage via an integrated charge pump.
Furthermore it is possible to control the level of the LCD voltage and thus contrast in software.