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Cypress new CY8C24x93 device-Cypress mcu crack

  Time:2013-09-04 11:00
Cypress new CY8C24x93 device series,Ultra-low-power PSoC 1 devices have integrated USB, 
the lowest-power and lowest-cost devices in the PSoC 1 family, is optimized for battery-powered 
applications.Beijing shouxi zhixin company provides Cypress mcu crack service.
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The family integrates Full Speed USB 2.0 with a Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI), enabling 
streamlined, cost-efficient design with programmable serial bridges.The CY8C24x93 PSoC 1 
devices come in multiple small-footprint packaging options, including a 3x3 mm2 QFN package. 
PSoC 1 devices are supported by Cypress’s PSoC Designer Integrated Design Environment (IDE). 
The CY8C24x93 family comes in 8-, 16-, and 32-KB Flash options. The devices also support a 
wide operating range, allowing full analog and digital operation from 1.71V to 5.5V. 
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