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Cypress MCU Crack

CY8C21323 - 24LFXI - Cypress Chip Decryption

  Time:2013-09-05 10:13
CY8C21323 - 24LFXI - Cypress Chip Decryption,ic reverse,mcu crack,pcb reverse
The CY8C21323 PSoC family consists of many programmable system-on-chip 
controller devices. 
A PSoC device includes configurable blocks of analog and digital logic, 
and programmable interconnect. This architecture allows you to create 
customized peripheral configurations, to match the requirements of each 
individual application. Additionally, a fast CPU, Flash program memory, 
SRAM data memory, and configurable I/O are included in a range of convenient 
Powerful Harvard-architecture processor
Complete development tools
Advanced peripherals (PSoC® blocks)
Flexible on-chip memory