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CY8C20524-12PVXI Microcontroller Reverse Engineering

  Time:2012-11-05 17:01

CY8C20524-12PVXI  Microcontroller Reverse Engineering, chip

decryption, mcu code extraction service.
Low power, configurable CapSense®
 Configurable capacitive sensing elements
 operating voltage
 Operating voltage: 2.4 V to 5.25 V
 Low operating current
 Active 1.5 mA (at 3.0 V, 12 MHz)
 Sleep 2.8 μA (at 3.3 V)
 Supports up to 25 capacitive buttons
 Supports one slider
 Up to 10 cm proximity sensing
 Supports up to 28 general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pins
 Drive LEDs and other outputs
 Configurable LED behavior (fading, strobing)
 LED color mixing (RBG LEDs)
 Pull-up, high Z, open-drain, and CMOS drive modes on all
 Internal ±5.0% 6 or12 MHz main oscillator
 Internal low-speed oscillator at 32 kHz
 Low external component count
 No external crystal or oscillator components
 No external voltage regulator required