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Brands Introduction

Parallax Propeller

  Time:2012-05-07 15:24

The Parallax P8X32A Propeller chip, introduced in 2006, is a multi-core architecture parallel microcontroller with eight 32-bit RISC CPU cores.
The Parallax Propeller microcontroller, Propeller Assembly language, and Spin interpreter were designed by one person, Parallax's co-founder and president Chip Gracey. The Spin Programming language and "Propeller Tool" integrated development environment were designed by Chip Gracey and Parallax's software engineer Jeff Martin.
Each of the eight 32-bit cores (called a cog) has a CPU which has access to 512 32-bit long words (2 KB) of instructions and data. Self-modifying code is possible and is used internally, for example by an instruction that is used to create a subroutine call/return mechanism without the need for a stack. Access to shared memory (32 KB RAM; 32 KB ROM) is controlled in round-robin fashion by an internal bus controller called the hub. Each cog also has access to two dedicated hardware counters and two special "video registers" for use in generating PAL, NTSC, VGA, servo-control, or other timing signals.

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