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Brands Introduction

Holtek Semiconductor

  Time:2012-05-07 14:24

Holtek Semiconductor is a major Taiwan based semiconductor design centre and provider. Along with its headquarters and design operations based in the Hsinchu Science Park in Taiwan, Holtek also has a major operating presence in mainland China as well as marketing centers throughout the world. Holtek's major design focus is in the area of 8-bit microcontroller development and has around 650 employees worldwide. Holtek also designs and provides a range of peripheral semiconductor products such as remote control, telecommunication, power management, computer peripheral, and memory devices. Holtek's device application area is heavily concentrated in the consumer product field such as household appliances, computer peripheral products, remote controllers, leisure products, medical equipment etc. as well as industrial controllers. The large volumes of Holtek microcontrollers manufactured over the years has seen their presence as the brains behind many well known home appliances and says much for the reliability of their devices. These include some European brand names such as Philips, Siemens, Märklin and Japanese brand names such as Futaba and Sony to name but a few. The company, although providing low cost controllers, is not over focused on the typical Taiwanese cost-down approach, but rather in being able to offer special features that competitors don't have. A glance at the Holtek selection guide will reveal a wide range of device with many special integrated functions.
Holtek's main design focus is directed towards its range of microcontrollers. The microcontrollers in the present Holtek range all contain a universal 8-bit RISC processor and with common features such as timers, external interrupts, power-down functions, low-voltage reset, bi-directional I/O pins etc. The range of microcontrollers support clock speeds from 32 kHz up to 12 MHz. Device specific features include functions such as EEPROM memory, A/D converters, LCD interfaces, USB interfaces, operational amplifiers, etc. Some of Holtek's 8-bit microcontroller major device categories are listed below:

  • HT48RXX I/O type series
  • HT48FXX Flash I/O type series
  • HT46RXX A/D type series
  • HT46FXX Flash A/D type series
  • HT56RXX Tiny Power A/D type series
  • HT49XX LCD type series
  • HT82XX Computer Peripheral series
  • HT95XX Telecom Peipheral series
  • HT86XX Voice series
  • HT66FXX Flash A/D type series
  • HT68FXX Flash I/O type series
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