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Brands Introduction

Freescale Semiconductor

  Time:2012-05-07 15:35

Freescale Semiconductor:Freescale Semiconductor,Inc. Is one of the top 20 leading Semiconductor Sellers. Its headquarter is in Austin, Texas. Freescale owns design,research and development, manufacturing and sales operation in more than 20 countries. It produce and designs embedded hardware , with 17million semiconductor chips in use around the world. The company serves automobile, consumer,industrial and networking markets with its product portfolio including Microcontroller /uc ,microprocessors, digital signal processors, digital signal controllers, sensors, RF power ICs and power management ICs. The company also hold an extensive patent portfolio,including approximately 6100 patent families. In addition, the company offers software and development tools to enable complete solutions and to support product development.
Its products:

 Early microprocessors
Motorola MC14500BIndustrial Control Unit (ICU) (1-bit)
Motorola 6800(8-bit)
Motorola 6802/6808(8-bit)
Motorola 6809(8/16-bit)
68000 series
Motorola 68000(16/32-bit)
Motorola 68008(8/16/32-bit)
Motorola 68010(16/32-bit)
Motorola 68012(16/32-bit)
Motorola 68020(32-bit)
Motorola 68030(32-bit)
Motorola 68851(MMU)
Motorola 68881(FPU)
Motorola 68882(FPU)
Motorola 68040(w/FPU)
Motorola 68060(w/FPU)
 88000 series (RISC)
Motorola 88100/88110
PowerPC series
Main article: PowerPC
32/64-bit architecture, in cooperation with IBM.
PPC 601("G1")
PPC 603/PPC 603ev ("G2")
PPC 604/PPC 604e/PPC 604ev
PPC 620
PowerPC 7xxfamily, PowerPC 740, 750, 745, and 755 only ("PowerPC G3")

Main article: Motorola 6800
Motorola 6801/6803
Motorola 6804
Motorola 6805/146805
Motorola 68HC05(CPU05) - old
Freescale 68HC11(CPU11) - old
Freescale 68HC08(CPU08) 0.65 µm, 0.5 µm and 0.25 µm technologies
Freescale S08(CPUS08) 0.25 µm
Freescale RS08(CPURS08) 0.25 µm - based on the RS08 core, an S08 with restricted CPU. less instructions set for lower cost.
Freescale 68HC16(CPU16) - old
Freescale 68HC12(CPU12) - old
Freescale S12(CPU12) - still being developed
Freescale S12X(CPU12X-1) - S12XD, S12XA... family of devices with XGATE    Coprocessor. Like a DMA or I/O coprocessor.
Freescale S12XE(CPU12X-2) - S12XE family of devices with XGATE Coprocessor, Emulated EEPROM = EEEPROM. 0.18 µm technology.
68000 series
Main article: Motorola 68000 family
Freescale 683XX
Freescale DragonBall
Freescale ColdFire
Freescale ColdFire+