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Brands Introduction

Energy Micro

  Time:2012-05-07 14:33

Energy Micro is a fabless semiconductor company founed in 2007 . It specializes in 32-bits flash microcontrollers EFM32 and EFR4D Draco radios. The company focuses on ultra low energy consumption MCUs, SoC radios and RF Transceiver. The EFM32 microcontroller families are based on the ARM Cortex-M0 or M3 processor core with a feature set for low power operation.
The EFM32 products consists of the Gecko microcontroller family and accompanying development tools
The President and CEO     of Energy Micro, Geir Førre previously founded Chipcon, now a subsidiary of Texas Instruments. Co-founder and CTO Øyvind Janbu has experience from Chipcon, Texas Instruments, and Tandberg. Co-founder and the VP of Engineering, Eirik Jørgensen, has previously worked for Atmel. Co-founder and VP of Sales Operation, John Fjellheim, previously worked for Chipcon. In addition to the original founders the following individuals are now part of Energy Micro's management team; Andreas Koller joined from Texas Instruments as the VP of Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Zalina Shaher joined as the VP of Operations and she has former experience from Motorola and Silicon Laboratories, while Phi Hong joined as the VP of Finance.