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Brands Introduction

Anology Devices

  Time:2012-05-07 14:38

Anology Devices, Inc. is an American multinational semiconductor company . It was founded IN 1965 by Ray State and Mattew Lorber, both of who are graduated from MIT. In 1965 it released
its first product, the model 101 op amp,which was a hockey-puck sized module used in test and measurement equipment. In 1967, the company published the first issue of its technical magazine, Analog Dialogue.
In 1969, Analog Devices filed an initial public offering and became a publicly traded company. Ten years later, the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange
In 1973, the company was the first to launch laser trim wafers and the first CMOS digital-to-analog converter.
In August 1990, Analog Devices acquired Precision Monolithics Inc.
By 1996, the company reported over $1 billion in company revenue. That same year, Jerald Fishman was named President and CEO, a position he still holds today.
In 2000, ADI’s sales grew by over 75% to $2.578 Billion and the company acquired five companies.
By 2004, ADI had a customer base of 60,000 and its portfolio included over 10,000 products.
In June 2010, Analog Devices announced that it would launch a €23M ($28M) investment in its plant in Limerick, Ireland.
The company is a leading manufacturer of analog, mixed-signal and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (ICs) used in electronic equipment. These technologies are used to convert, condition and process real-world phenomena, such as light, sound, temperature, motion, and pressure into electrical signals.
Analog Devices has approximately 60,000 customers worldwide. The company serves customers in the following industries: communications, computer, industrial, instrumentation, military/aerospace, automotive, and high-performance consumer electronics applications.
Analog Devices product portfolio includes analog signal processing and digital signal processing technologies. These technologies include data converters, amplifiers, radio frequency (RF) technologies, embedded processors or digital signal processing (DSP) ICs, micro-electromechanical systems and sensors, power management, and interface products.
Its core products and technologies:
Analog Devices data converters include analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and digital-to-analog converters (DACs) that convert electrical signal representations of real-world analog phenomena, such as light, sound, waveforms, temperature, motion, and pressure into digital signals or data, and back again.Analog Devices ADC and DAC ICs are used in medical systems, scientific instrumentation, wireless and wired communications, radar, industrial process control, audio and video equipment, and other digital-processing-based systems, where an accurate signal conversion is critical.
Analog Devices precision analog microcontrollers combine precision analog functions, such as high resolution ADCs and DACs, voltage reference, temperature sensor, and a host of other peripherals, with an industry-standard microcontroller and flash memory.
Analog Devices micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and sensors address system performance parameters, such as safety, reliability, and highly precise measurements and diagnostics, in healthcare and industrial applications. Analog Devices MEMS microphones are found in smart phones, tablet PCs, security systems, and medical applications. MEMS circuits are used in automobiles , virtual reality and simulation training systems, and high-performance high-bandwidth vibration monitoring.ADI’s MEMS accelerometers were designed into game pad controllers by Microsoft, Logitech and Pellican.
Analog Devices sells power management products to customers in the industrial, wireless infrastructure, and digital camera markets. These products support signal chain design requirements, such as dynamic range, transient performance, and reliability.The company has developed ADIsimPower and other web tools for product selection, design, simulation, optimization, and evaluation board customization.
Analog Devices interface products include a broad range of interface IC products offered by the company in product categories such as CAN (controller area network), digital Isolators,Level Translators, LVDS, Mobile I/O Expander and Key board Controller, USB, RS-232 and RS-485.
Analog Devices amplifiers includes precision and operation amplifiers,instrumentation,current sense, differential amplifiers, audio amplifiers, video amplifiers/buffers/filters, variable gain amplifiers, comparators, voltage, other specialty amplifiers and products for special linear functions.
Analog Devices radio frequency (RF) RF ICs address the RF signal chain and simplify RF system development. The company’s RF portfolio includes TruPwr(tm) RMS power detectors and logarithmic amplifiers; PLL and DDS synthesizers; RF prescalers; variable gain amplifiers; ADC drivers, gain blocks, LNAs and other RF amplifiers. These products are supported by a wide range of free RF design tools.
Analog Devices processors and DSP are programmable signal processing integrated circuits that execute specialized software programs, or algorithms, associated with processing digitized real-time data. Analog Devices Processors and DSPs are the Blackfin, SHARC,SigmaDSP, TigerSHARC, ADSP-21xx and Precision Analog Microcontrollers. These make up the company's embedded processing and DSP portfolio, that are multi-DSP signal processing, floating point processing, signal/control processing, fixed-function processing and for microcontroller applications.